Server Rule

  1. Community Rules :

    1. Toxicity is strictly prohibited in server.

    2. You must be at least 16+ years old to join our server.

    3. We do not tolerate racial, homophobic, or explicit steam names, and any violation will result in a ban.

    4. You are not allowed to discuss religious, political, or sensitive topics on the server.

    5. You are not allowed to have roleplay which can deem to have racist, slavery or homophiblic acts.

    6. You are also not allowed to make any kind of disparaging remarks against races , gender, religion, disabilities or sexual preference inside as well as outside roleplay.

    7. You aren't allowed to do:
      1. Offensive, irrelevant or improper Steam Profile Name.

      2. Names having promotional links or promoting any brands of any manner.

    8. The Legends Roleplay is an Indian based community: therefore we expect players to keep in mind the primary languages spoken in the community.

    9. All the players playing must have access to a proper microphone as well as access to TLRP Official Discord Server ( to ensure proper communications between you and the management team regarding RP related job application, server events and various other announcements.

    10. You are not allowed to :
      1. Deliberately provoke any player playing on the server by being manipulative against him or the server. Following are the example of few cases which would result into breaking of this rule

      2. Server Ranting/Disrespecting Staff or Server.

      3. Too much of name calling or shaming against any individual playing on the server.

      4. Roleplay Blurring is prohibited.

      5. Doxing strictly prohibited. Instant permanent ban applied. Upholding player privacy is paramount.

    11. Whenever you are in the vc of tlrp you guys have to mute your stream's

    12. Blood Effect/Bubble Effect mod not allowed.

    13. If you leaves discord server by your own then your whitelisted role will be revoked and you need to follow the whitelist process again.

    14. Offensive Roleplay, such as torture, dismemberment, or disturbing scenes, is prohibited. Use of homophobic or racial slurs is strictly forbidden. We do not tolerate any form of inappropriate or uncomfortable roleplay that goes against the spirit of having fun and making players feel safe.

    15. Harassment or unwelcome sexual advances are not acceptable. Consent and respect are key principles in our community.

    16. OOC threats are not allowed in any way, shape, or manner. This will result in a Perma Ban.

  2. Account Responsibility :

    1. You are solely responsible for your own account. If we find that you are sharing your account with another player to play on the server then your account will be PERMANENTLY BANNED.

    2. If by any chance your game account gets hacked , you are requested to contact the TLRP Support Bot for help.

    3. You are requested not to click any of the phishing links sent to you over your personal DM's on discord. If your discord ID gets hacked, your whitelisted status might be at a risk of termination. Be mindful of your discord handle.

  3. Profanity and Toxicity :

    1. The incidents, interactions and role play situations in the server are to be kept within the city, refrain from taking it personal and discussing the do's, don'ts, could be's and would be's after the whole situation is over inside the city.

    2. Kindly refrain yourself from fighting fire with fire, you are all allowed to seek the help from the Staff Team to work out problems out in a civilized manner without any kind of toxicity or accusation which can negatively make the whole situation worse.

    3. Keep a watch over your language when you are roleplaying on the server as there are many streamers playing on the server who strictly condemn any kind of profanity over their live streams. You must strictly abide by their request if they aren't comfortable by you swearing in front of them.

    4. At any moment of time you are not allowed to judge anyone's RP. If you think if any particular player is breaking any server rules you can report that player but that doesn't give you the right to defame that player. It's the work of the management to decide who gets to play and who doesn't.

  4. Roleplay Rules :

    1. Avoid roleplaying as the default character with a bald head and basic clothing. Create your unique character style. If you spawn as a default character, seek assistance through a ticket or visit Pillbox for customization options. Most customization options are available at clothing stores and barbershops at no cost.

    2. Realistic character name and backstory required while character creating non-compliance may result in character deletion or ban.

    3. RANDOM DEATHMATCH(RDM) and VEHICLE DEATHMATCH(VDM) - No one is allowed to kill anyone without initiating any kind of roleplay or making use of their vehicle as a weapon. Keep in mind, ramming and intentional pitting also comes under this criteria.

    4. You are not allowed to use 3rd party communication software like Discord, TeamSpeak, etc or enact actions which can result in benefiting your in-game character. This would be a clear act of Metagaming which would be a bannable offence.

    5. You will not be allowed to use in-game mechanics or roleplay mechanics to gain an unprecedented advantage over others. This would be a clear act of Power Gaming which would be a bannable offense.

    6. TORTURE RP is very sensitive topic though it is generally allowed but you must seek the consent of the opposition individual whether he/she wishes to take part in for the same. It's advisable to include any of the staff members just to make sure the things don't go out of hand.

    7. If any player gets banned, you are not allowed to carry forward/manipulate the RP associated with respect to that player.

      1. As a civilian/criminal you are not allowed to bait any of the government officials or impersonate any of the government officials.

      2. As a civilian/criminal you are not allowed to consider any of the government personnel as your personal loot box, i.e. killing them just with the sole intention of robbing or taking their stuff.

      3. As a government player you are not allowed to do anything illegal as it doesn't justify the backstory of your professional background. However, at any given specific time you are allowed to resign and change the career path of your character.

      4. Until and unless your resignation is accepted for your respective department you will still be a part of your department.

    9. You are never allowed to break your character. The only time you are only allowed to break your character is when any member of staff comes to intervene with you. Same is also extended to making use of OOC terms when in character. If by chance you have any question you are requested to post it on TLRP Support Bot over discord and await a response by the staff team.

    10. You are not allowed to mix character information/money from one character to another. This would be a clear act of Character Mixing which would be a bannable offense.

    11. You are not allowed to leave the server until and unless the situation you are involved in is not over from both sides.

    12. You are not allowed to recall the situation or events if you respawn once you have been downed. You are not allowed to take force airlifts/respawn until the entire situation has come to an end.

    13. You must show the value of life of your character at all times. Not showing the same would be a clear act of violating Fear RP which would be a bannable offense.

    14. Safezones :
      1. You will not be allowed to exit the city from the safe zone when you are in an active situation

      2. All Motel entrances.

      3. All the government building i.e. Vinewood Police Station, Ranger Police Station, Sandy Police Station, Paleto Police Station, Davis Police Station, Central Los Santos Medical Centre & City Hall

    15. You are not allowed to misuse /ooc , /oocl and /me commands as they are given to enhance your rp-experience only. Misuse results immediate kick from the server irrespective of the situation you are in

    16. Serious roleplay & progression :
      1. You are always required to carry out all the roleplay scenarios as realistically as possible. This thing should also be kept in mind during the time of server restart.

      2. When you are down or killed, you are always required to act as per the situation presented before you. Depending upon your injury you are supposed to act accordingly. For Example - if you are hit at the back of your head, you become unconscious, you will have to act as if you are unconscious for some specific amount of time.

      3. When you exit the Hospital after your treatment, you should also keep in mind that your injuries don't magically heal themselves. There is always some recovery period. You must always act depending upon the severity of your injury.

      4. You are to refrain yourself from intentionally provoking any of the government enforcement agencies with direct or indirect intention of baiting them. You are requested to treat them with respect if you wish to be treated back respectfully.

      5. Fleeing or Code-Reds against law enforcement officers over small traffic violations or minor accidents will not be tolerated. Violence will not be tolerated over the situation which can be resolved peacefully by talking. Violence should always be your last resort rather than first.

      6. Upon the creation of character you should take at least 1-2 weeks to properly develop your character storyline.

      7. People directly roleplaying as a Drug Lord, Drug Dealer or Godfather of any criminal organization or family or anything remotely close right after their creation must have at least months of progressions and should not be rushed under any circumstances.

      8. You should not force NPC's out of their cars just to sell them drugs. This would be a clear act of Power Gaming which would be a bannable offence.

      9. You must have to follow your backstory line.

    17. Roleplay blurring : When real-life issues, emotions, or information interfere with the immersive and distinct fictional environment of roleplaying.

    18. Doxing : No tolerance for doxing: Respect the privacy of GTA V community members. Sharing personal information without consent is strictly prohibited. Violators will face immediate and permanent expulsion from the community.

    19. No intent to Roleplay : Avoid lazy roleplay, such as randomly shooting at players without a legitimate roleplay reason. We value high-quality roleplay and encourage players to take breaks if they feel tired or restless to avoid making poor decisions.

    20. Fail RP & NVL (No Value of Life) :
      1. Failing to roleplay realistically, breaking character, or not valuing your character's life is against our rules. Roleplay situations like they would happen in real life, and consider the consequences of your actions.

      2. Players CANNOT utilize a police vest or uniform from a clothing store or skin shop.

      3. NVL is very important rule to not break, and this refers to players treating situations like real life, and treating your character life’s like there’s only one to live.

      4. Some examples are, but not limited to: On foot and a bunch of gang members get out and tell you to put your hands up, jumping off high places just to get away even though you’d die, etc. However, there are situations, like if a player is in a vehicle, and being robbed, they can drive off like they would in real life, etc.

    21. Fear RP : In TLRP it's essential to embrace Fear RP. When faced with a life-threatening situation, such as having a gun pointed at your head or being outnumbered, do not attempt heroic actions. The focus should be on feeling like your character's life is genuinely at risk.

    22. Character Breaking : Maintain your in-character role at all times, refraining from using out-of-character (OOC) terms

    23. Metagaming : Metagaming, which involves using external knowledge in character that your character wouldn't realistically possess, is strictly prohibited. This includes watching someone's stream or exchanging information over a Discord call while in the city.

    24. Power Gaming :
      1. Abusing game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage in roleplay scenarios is considered Power Gaming. This can manifest in various situations, even unintentionally. Examples include resisting arrest excessively, ignoring the effects of being tased multiple times, using radio communication while restrained, or exploiting door lock systems. It's crucial to approach scenes realistically.

      2. While custom character models are allowed, changing your character's identity after its creation is not permitted. Consistency in your character's appearance is expected.

    25. Intentional Ramming : Deliberately ramming another player's vehicle solely to provoke conflict, known as Intentional Ramming, is discouraged. This behavior is considered low-effort and can be seen as Random Death Match (RDM).

    26. New Life Rule(NLR) :
      1. Players are allowed to retain their character's memory and experiences when they go down ("die"), except in two specific circumstances: if they are dumped into the ocean or fall from a height as tall or taller than the Dam in Mirror Park

      2. It's important to engage in high-quality roleplay surrounding this rule, and not use it as an excuse for arbitrary actions. Additionally, illegal bragging on platforms like Twitter or other in-game measures may allow players to remember your character's actions.

      3. For all other deaths, players can remember what happened to their character and use that information in character. This rule aims to encourage thoughtful decision-making and consideration of consequences.

    27. Griefing : Repetitively harassing another player in consecutive scenes is against the rules. Camping or waiting for players near Pillbox is not allowed.

    28. Combat Logging : Exiting the game intentionally to avoid an interaction or prevent a scene from progressing, known as Combat Logging, is strictly prohibited. While crashes may happen, combat logging is taken seriously, and appropriate action will be taken. Crash reports are automatically saved in your files.

    29. Illegal Bragging : Promoting illegal drugs, goods, or behaviors on social media platforms like Twitter solely for the purpose of appearing like a big shot is discouraged. This behavior is not aligned with realistic roleplay.

    30. Selling Illegal Locations : Selling the location of illegal activities, such as drug farms or weapon stashes, to other players is not permitted. Roleplay interactions should be used to discover such locations instead.

    31. OOC & LOOC Chat : Players are not allowed to send unsolicited out-of-character (OOC) messages or direct messages to other players. OOC discussions or expressions of frustration are strictly prohibited. TLRP provides resources like the /report command, the support section in Discord, and ticket submission for addressing concerns. Engaging in OOC chatter is a bannable offense.

    32. Spamming : Excessive messaging in OOC, 911, or /report channels will not be tolerated. If you require assistance and are not receiving it, please open a ticket in Discord. Spamming a staff member's direct messages about bans or requesting assistance is also not permitted.

    33. Aircraft : Under no circumstances may you steal or operate aircraft unless you are part of a whitelisted job that requires piloting skills. Unauthorized access to aircraft by regular citizens is unrealistic.

    34. Whitelisted Jobs & Limits :
      1. TLRP allows each player to have a maximum of 2 whitelist job.

      2. Players are granted this luxury, but they should be prepared to be fired from a job if they are not meeting attendance and timeliness expectations. Employers have the authority to remove employees for attendance issues.

    35. Abusing Jobs Salary :
      1. Do not remain logged in to your whitelisted job while away from your workplace for an extended period (more than 10 minutes) solely to collect a paycheck. Engaging in criminal activities while on a whitelisted job can result in termination and potential legal consequences. Clock out before engaging in criminal activities.

      2. Corrupt behavior among cops, EMS, or lawyers, such as using armories or stashes for financial gain or illegal activities, is not allowed and will result in bans.

      3. Abusing job perks, especially within EMS, police, or lawyer roles, is strictly prohibited and will be met with disciplinary action.

    36. Talking While Downed :
      1. While you are allowed to speak while downed, it must be done in a manner that reflects injury. Speaking normally or having casual conversations with friends while downed is not acceptable. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in a non-appealable ban of 48 hours or longer.

      2. Using radio or phone communication while downed is also prohibited and may lead to disciplinary action.

      3. If you are downed, and your friends locate you, it will be assumed that you used external means or in-game radio/phone to relay your location to them. Avoid power gaming and act out your injuries or remain silent when downed.

      4. Deliberately engaging in taunts or provocations near downed players is not allowed and will be subject to strict monitoring. Toxic behavior is not tolerated.

    37. Returning To Crime Scenes :
      1. Players are not permitted to return to crime scenes or linger near them. Criminals cannot reappear at scenes after being downed. Police may return to a scene only if it remains active and calls are ongoing.

      2. Police officers should return to a scene only after completing necessary procedures, restocking, and being prepared for their next duty shift. Rushing back to a scene immediately after being downed is discouraged.

    38. Five Man Rule :
      1. Criminal organizations must adhere to the five Man Rule in all criminal scenarios. This applies to any form of robbery or hostile situation. If a group of five confronts another group with more than five members, the confronted group is not required to reduce their numbers.

      2. On hood attack situation no limit on member to hood owner party. but not down all involved member must have discord role of gang and ingame gang job.

    39. Robbing Players :
      1. Constant robbing of players solely for monetary gain. Frequent and indiscriminate robbing of players will result in permanent ban actions.

      2. Robbing another player must have a legitimate in-character valid reasons.

      3. It is expected that players use common sense and ensure that all parties involved understand the rationale behind the robbery. Roleplay should provide a cinematic and immersive experience.

      4. When robbing a player, it is essential to restrict the act to the person at hand. Vehicles, properties, MLOs, compounds, etc, are off limit for robbery. Server does not support actions like "Pocket Wiping" or "Vehicle Wiping". The objective of a robbery should not be to completely or significantly reset a player's progress.

      5. You cannot force a player to go to a bank and withdraw cash or transfer money to your account. This violation leads to a permanent ban.

      6. The only items you may rob are illegal contraband, such as dirty cash rolls, drugs, guns, ammo, and armors. All other items, like pickaxes, med kits, food, and legal items, are off-limits.

      7. Robbing an AFK player is strictly prohibited.

      8. If you initiate a robbery, you cannot kill the target. You must choose either robbery or lethal action; looting dead bodies is not permitted.

    40. Solo Robbing or Robbing Without Hostages : Robbing banks, jewelry stores, etc., without hostages or as a solo act is not permitted. We believe that these actions lead to low-effort roleplay and should be approached with more depth. Smash and Grabs, for instance, are not aligned with our vision of immersive interactions.

    41. Robbery Cooldowns While Having Hostages : Players are not allowed to wait for the cooldown of any robbery with a hostage inside. If you bring a hostage and attempt to rob a location with an active cooldown, please leave the scene and release the hostage if there are five or more minutes remaining. Persistent violation of this rule may lead to deportation, as it restricts the roleplay opportunities of other characters.

    42. Vehicles For Robbery, Drug Sales, Etc. :
      1. In illegal activities, you can use any vehicle except aircraft.

      2. Players should still use fake plates on personal vehicles.

      3. Players should avoid bringing high-end vehicles like Lamborghinis and Ferraris directly to the front doors of robbery locations. Instead, make an effort to ensure realism. For example, use a more inconspicuous vehicle like a Sultan for the robbery and stash the high-end vehicle nearby. Realism is encouraged, to a certain extent.

      4. Selling drugs while riding a motorcycle is strictly prohibited. Offenders will face a 48-hour ban and the removal of any illicitly gained money.

    43. Graffiti and tagging :
      1. Graffiti and tagging on government entities (such as police stations, firehouses, Pillbox, FIB, etc.) are not allowed and will result in bans. Graffiti or tagging with racial or personal attacks, including racist slurs and explicit content, is strictly prohibited.

      2. While graffiti is permitted, players are encouraged not to abuse it, as it may be revoked at any time. Please use graffiti thoughtfully and with purpose. Avoid excessive use of gang-related graffiti or similar content.

    44. No kind of criminal activities are to be done 30 minutes before restart no matter what the circumstances are with you at the moment.

    45. Cop looting is strictly prohibited ,keep that in mind.

    46. You can't kidnap/threat/kill a ON-DUTY Doctor/EMS.

    47. If there is only one Police officer in the city you are not allowed to kidnap/kill him.

    48. You cannot steal lethal's of the police officers.

    49. Bodyguard RP is not allowed in server.

    50. Intentional Vehicle Ramming is totally not allowed, It`s bannable offence.

    51. Intentional(OOC) use of words like Papa, Dady, Abba, Ma, Behen are also not allowed.

  5. Prohibited Roleplay's :

    1. Corruption RP is not allowed

    2. Rape RP is not allowed.

    3. Sucide RP is not allowed.

    4. Pregnancy is not allowed, Take admin permission if story line required.

    5. Erotic RP is not allowed, Follow YouTube TOS.

    6. Torture RP is not allowed

    7. Revenge RP is not allowed

    8. Animal is not allowed

    9. NSWF Content will reflect direct ban.

  6. Green Zones :

    1. Greens zones are areas where illegal and or violent actions will not be tolerated what so ever. These zones include inside and outside of them, along with the property they reside on.

    2. Do not shoot, stab, punch or hurt anyone in a green zone. Do not rob anyone or take anyone hostage in a green zone. These zones are off limits to this type of behavior. (Please note: Punching at MRPD in the cells can be acceptable if done properly as its realistic. MRPDs green zone really focuses on shootings, riots, stealing of cars, etc.)

    3. Do not use the green zone to get out of an interaction. If you are seen running to one of the green zones, you will be banned as if you broke the green zone as well.

    4. Publicly known events like Races, Community Gatherings, etc. posted in the discord are automatic green zones. We do not believe in ruining the communities experience at events, because of ignorance and bad RP.

    5. Known permanent Green Zone(s) at this time are Pillbox Hospital, MRPD Police Headquarters, and Public Apartments at the Hedera Apartments.

  7. Criminals Rules and Hostage Rules :

    1. Taking a cop hostage is allowed only when there are at least four cops online in addition to the one you intend to kidnap. This condition requires a total of five cops online to initiate this action.

    2. Maximum number of players allowed in any criminal activity is 5. (e.g., Processing Drugs, Gang Meetings, Fights between Groups, Any Criminal Activity).

    3. While utilizing police as hostages for robberies is permitted, it is discouraged, as it may detract from the overall roleplay experience for law enforcement.

    4. Taking a civilian hostage is allowed for high-quality roleplay purposes, such as robbing a store, but the hostage must not be kept for more than one robbery. When trading a hostage for demands, you should not endanger the hostage's life and should limit demands to one per hostage.

    5. We have numerous player-owned businesses that rely on their employees for operations. It is strongly discouraged to take hostages from whitelisted businesses, as they are essential for the city's vitality.

    6. Hostages should not be exchanged for individuals or cash. Do not kidnap someone and then demand their friend's release or demand payment from the police. Such actions diminish the value of police roleplay. We aim to ensure an enjoyable experience for all sides.

    7. Giving out information on the radio/phone/in-person will also count you in as a part of that scenario.

    8. You are not allowed to engage in a combat situation which involves animation. (e.g., You cannot fight where player needs to press E to go inside).

    9. You are not allowed to use your friends or gang members as hostages. Hostages must be players that have no idea what you are planning.

    10. You cannot start shooting at police just for attempting to pull you over. Such actions will be classed as clear RDM.

    11. You cannot start shooting at police just for arresting you for a simple house robbery. Such actions will be classified as clear RDM.

    12. You cannot go to an unknown person and point a gun at him for the means of Robbing. This would be a clear act of Random Looting which would be a bannable offence.

    13. Bank Robbery – you must always equip a backpack in your outfit.

    14. At any given point of time if you are making any of the government official a hostage, ensure you have a very strong rp supporting it. It can be considered as a act of terrorism.

    15. Refrain yourself from holding any player held as a hostage for more than 45 minutes.

    16. When being made a hostage make sure that you comply with the demands at all the time. Not doing the same would be a clear act of Fail RP which would be a bannable offence.

    17. Robbery Rules :
      1. Pacific Bank:
        1. Minimum of 4 players and Maximum of 6 players will be allowed in this situation

        2. Maximum number of escaping vehicles allowed are 2 at the bank.

        3. Minimum number of hostages required are 2.

        4. All player must have weapon.

      2. Jewellery/Normal Banks:
        1. Maximum number of players allowed in this situation is 5.

        2. Maximum number of escaping vehicles allowed will be 1 at the Jewellery/Normal Bank.

        3. Minimum number of hostages required are 1.

        4. All player must have weapon.

      3. Store Robbery:
        1. Maximum number of players allowed in this situation are 5

        2. Maximum number of escaping vehicles allowed will be 1 at the store.

        3. Minimum number of hostages required are 1.

        4. All player must have weapon.

      4. House Robbery:
        1. Maximum number of players allowed in this situation are 5

        2. Maximum number of escaping vehicles allowed will be 1 at the house.

    18. Chain Robbing :
      1. Chain robbing, where players repeatedly rob locations without significant roleplay in between, is prohibited. Players should allow a minimum of 30 minutes between each robbery. Those caught chain robbing stores may face disciplinary action and potential removal of the money obtained from the stores.

      2. Players should bring unique roleplay to their interactions rather than relying on repetitive actions. All robberies, regardless of type (store, jewelry, bank, etc.), require a minimum 7-minute presence to encourage meaningful interactions.

      3. Tsunami warnings are provided 30 minutes before they occur, and during this period, bank robberies, Vangelico heists, convenience store robberies, or similar actions are not permitted and may result in bans.

    19. Emergency Vehicles (Police & EMS) :
      1. Unauthorized use or theft of emergency vehicles (police and EMS) by non-hired personnel is strictly prohibited. This means that if you are not an EMS or police officer, you should not drive or steal these vehicles.

      2. Players are allowed to loot emergency vehicles, but they must not take medical supplies or other items besides weapons, illegal contraband, and kevlar vests. No other items should be taken.

  8. Gang Rules :

    1. Gang Wars :
      1. Gang wars can only be initiated by the leaders of the involved gangs. In such cases, terms are negotiated with a server admin. These terms cover rules such as VDM, RDM, actions involving dead bodies, and the New Life Rule. The agreed-upon terms must be followed until the end of the gang war or until they are renegotiated with an admin and all parties agree.

      2. If you are not actively participating in a gang war based on negotiated terms, you should adhere to the Six Man Rule, as outlined in section 4.8 of our rulebook. This rule ensures fair play and quality roleplay experiences. Wars should not be initiated or negotiated in the presence of high-ranking staff members unless both parties agree to all terms in writing.

      3. Excessive tickets related to your gang war may lead to government intervention to maintain the quality of roleplay in the city.

    2. Gang Caps (WL & UWL) :
      1. Whitelisted gangs have a maximum cap of 21 members. This includes 20 regular member positions and 1 position for the gang boss.

      2. Un-Whitelisted gangs have a maximum cap of 15 members until they achieve Whitelisted status.

      3. It is mandatory for gangs to adhere to the specified maximum capacities in this rule to prevent monopolization.

    3. Gang Hopping :
      1. Joining a gang should be a significant character decision. If your character decides to join a gang, be aware of the implications of this rule. Players are not allowed to switch between organizations or gangs without a 30-day cooldown period. During this cooldown, your character cannot join another gang. This rule applies to both Whitelisted and Non-Whitelisted Gangs/Crews. Multiple characters controlled by the same player are also limited to one gang or crew.

    4. Camping Bodies :
      1. Camping bodies after killing someone is strictly prohibited. This rule is straightforward and closely monitored. If you are found camping bodies, talking to downed characters for an extended period, or trying to provoke reactions from the deceased, you may face disciplinary action.

    5. Retaliation Rules :
      1. Retaliation in any form is not allowed for a minimum of 50 minutes. This applies to both parties involved in an interaction. A 50-minute cooldown period should pass before engaging with the same group of players after you or they have gone down. While 50 minutes serves as a baseline, it should not dictate your roleplay. Discussions centered on timing, such as "I'll run you every 48 minutes," are discouraged, as they reflect a gaming mindset rather than storytelling. We emphasize meaningful and purposeful roleplay over arbitrary timing. Players looking for constant shooting are encouraged to explore other servers.

    6. Gang Colors and Gang Pressing :

      1. Gangs are discouraged from pressing other players based solely on their clothing items or vehicle colors associated with a particular gang. Instead, gangs should establish their identity through distinct chains, back pocket flags, masks, or other means. We discourage the practice of confronting someone merely because of the color of their clothing or vehicle.

      2. However, gangs are allowed to engage with individuals within their territory or areas of influence. This should not include pressing garbage men or postal workers. Gang interactions are intended for individuals involved in illegal activities or found in gang-controlled areas while not engaged in legal work.

    7. Asset Dumping :
      1. Asset dumping, where players give away their assets for minimal or unrealistic prices before perma-death or departure from the server, is strictly prohibited. Such actions disrupt the economy and are inconsistent with our server's vision and values. Assets will be deleted if asset dumping is discovered before a character's perma-death or departure.

  9. Cop Fear :

    1. At TLRP, it is crucial for all players to have an understanding of and respect for law enforcement within the city. While we don't expect players to treat them as deities, it's essential to realistically acknowledge their authority. This is a serious roleplay environment, and recognizing law enforcement's role contributes to a more immersive experience.

    2. Considering the server's setting, which mirrors a Los Angeles environment with a realistic number of sworn officers, robbing police officers does not make sense and is not permitted.

    3. Asking questions like "how many cops are there" or "where are the cops" to an officer or another player is discouraged. The city provides tools to obtain this information without resorting to unusual methods.

    4. It is essential to know when to intervene in a police interaction. Once a player is downed and/or taken into custody by law enforcement, they are considered to be in the custody of the law. The scene or interaction that led to the arrest is considered concluded at this point. Players should exercise caution when approaching such situations and are encouraged not to intervene by attacking law enforcement in an attempt to free an associate or friend. If a player is unable to escape the police, they should accept the situation and move on.

    5. Please note that players engaging in legal jobs or illegal activities together can flee from the police or confront them. This rule does not prevent individuals in an active scene from reacting appropriately. It solely limits constant attempts to free those already downed, in custody, or under arrest.

    6. Cop Fear is a crucial aspect of our community to ensure the city's success. Please keep this rule in mind, as violations may result in disciplinary actions, including temporary bans.

    7. Examples of failing to adhere to Cop Fear:
      1. Approaching a traffic stop conducted by a cop and asking them what they are doing.

      2. Running up to a cop and asking about an arrested friend.

      3. Treating an officer in a manner inconsistent with real-life interactions.

      4. Baiting police officers to provoke interactions out of boredom.

  10. Player Report :

    1. When you are reporting a player make sure you have ample evidence to support your report. You are also required to have the player Server-ID, HEX ID and a clip of the situation.

    2. No in-game /report will be entertained for any rule break. In-Game reports are for the issues and problems which you face in-game. Player report need to be submitted to TLRP Report Bot only.

  11. Exploits and Third Party Application :

    1. You are not allowed to take undue advantages of any exploits or bugs which you encounter during the time you play on the server. Doing so will result in permanent ban from the server. If you notice any bugs or exploits in the server, you are requested to contact TLRP Support Bot with a clip of the same.

    2. You are not allowed to use any third party software which can modify the server variables like damage multiplier, money enhancement, aim assist and more.

    3. Using game mechanics or bugs to gain an unfair advantage is against our rules. If you discover a bug, report it immediately and do not discuss it with others.

    4. The use of third-party software to place a crosshair on your screen is not permitted. TLRP provides in-game crosshairs through the /togglecrosshair command. If caught using an external crosshair, you may face a temporary ban until a resolution is reached.

    5. Use of third party software like Crosshairs, auto-miners, and discord communications are prohibited when in the city. We have reticles on guns, radios in the city, etc for all in game functionality and communication. This is a bannable offense and is monitored very closely

    6. Absolutely no type of 3rd party software is allowed periodPlayers caught changing their files/adding files to have a “tactical advantage” will be met with a ban, that is not appealable. We do not deal with cheaters, manipulators, etc.. This includes but is not limited to: ANY TYPE of tracers, no props, Crosshairs, Aim Bots, etc. Players are also held responsible if they are aware someone else is using it, and they do not report it.

    7. We understand there are some or the other loopholes for some of the rules. You are advised to use your common sense and consult with the staff team first rather than just breaking a rule and getting banned.

  12. POV (Point of View ) RULES :

    1. POV : To avoid getting ban because of suspicious allegation , unknown Exploitations , gang war hit & pit situation, you need to record your POV while playing in server :

    2. Display Capture Only

    3. Before opening FiveM , you need to show FiveM App data ( includes mods & citizen folder)

    4. Your POV should be consistent ( your video & audio shouldn't be edited )

    5. You have to maintain your POV recording for at least a week

    6. POV must have your audio and game audio.

    7. All gang fight or any other hit situation RP must have POV.

    8. In player report you must to submit your POV.

    9. If identified for suspicious activity and in the absence of point-of-view evidence, a one-month ban will be implemented by the staff team.

    10. Penalties :
      1. Participation in conflicts/gun-fights or refund requests cannot be justified by limitations in PC capability for POV recording. It is advised to refrain from engagements without adequate recording capacity.

      2. Your Pov should be in only 16:9 aspect ratio. Changing your aspect ratio 16:9 to any other ratio to gain advantages will be considered as power gaming.

  13. Penalties :

    1. Violation of any of the above rules may result in warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans from the GTA Roleplay Server.

    2. The server staff reserves the right to enforce, modify, or add rules as deemed necessary.